The Solo Stove has dimensions of 19.5 x 19.5 x 14 in, so I tried to limit my search to fire pits that came close. These are annoying instances and winter is coming. Before starting a fire outdoors, review Leave No Trace principles and safe extinguishing practices. Yukon stove showed up today. Product Dimensions 19.5 x 19.5 x 14 inches Item Weight 20 pounds Department Unisex-adult Manufacturer Solo Stove ASIN B01LX9ABGX Item model number SSBON Customer Reviews: Solo Stove’s Bonfire fire pit is a hit, but the company realized that one size doesn’t fit everyone’s needs. The durable Solo Stove Shield prevents sparks from leaving your Yukon fire pit. The Yukon Solo Stove allows you to have a campfire no matter where you camp. 131 backers Limited (119 left of 250) Shipping destination Regular Price: $89.99. Some firepits, like the Solo Stove Yukon shown here, are large -- great for gathering around to roast marshmallows. Solo Stove Yukon Fire Pit with Stand If you are looking for a relatively more significant firepit in size and has more impressive fire and warmth, we believe you are just in the right place. Brian Bennett/CNET In this roundup, we focus on genuine, wood-fueled firepits. Solo Stove Yukon You asked for a bigger fire pit so we spent over a year applying our patent-pending technology to create the ultimate backyard accessory. Quick View Fuel Type. This sleek stainless steel beauty’s genius double-wall design makes lighting fires quick and easy. Solo Stove Yukon Stand Solo Stove Ranger (plus a FREE carry case!) The Yukon allows you to start a fire quickly while the double wall design creates a burst of hot air over the fire reducing the smoke without the use of batteries and fans. If you know about smokeless stoves, then you know what’s good than the Solo Stove Yukon firepit. The Solo Stove Yukon weighs in at a sturdy 45 lbs. But there are actual actions you are able to do to relieve stress, some stunning. It comes in two sizes: Ranger and Yukon. The Yukon Stand raises up your Yukon Fire Pit and allows more air to pass underneath it, creating a much cooler base. Solo Stove Bonfire, the world's most unique fire pit, pushes the limits of both combustion airflow efficiency and minimalist outdoor design with its all stainless steel construction. You don’t have to worry about building a fire ring or leaving a burn scar on the ground. Yukon with Stand Fire Pit – Solo Stove. Specifications: Dimensions: 16 " x 16 " x 21 " Access Door Dimensions: 14 " x 16 " Made in the U.S.A. Solo Stove Yukon. I have the Solo Stove Yukon, which is the biggest one they make. The Yukon stove is frankly awesome. Doesn't leak and is perfect for having warm water in the tent. Taking every day walks is Just toss in those big pieces of firewood … It burns efficiently, throwing off plenty of heat with minimal smoke. Solo Stove Yukon (plus a FREE weatherproof cover!) So they made the Yukon, a 16″ tall and 30″ wide fire pit that’s meant to be stationary, and the Ranger, a 12.5″ tall and 15″ wide fire pit perfect for use outdoors. At over two feet wide, the SOLO STOVE YUKON is an absolute beast! Check the latest Solo Stove Yukon Vs Bonfire to know the Solo Stove Yukon dimensions, Solo Stove Yukon instructions to be followed. Solo Stove Yukon. The Yukon measures 30 … First off, the brand has gone big. The water tank heats well, the faucet is solid. tall | Weight: 45 lb. 7. Write a Review. The Yukon Fire Pit by Solo Stove is the largest fire pit in the Solo Stove collection. What makes it such a great investment is the fact that it can be stored inside your backpack for more carrying convenience. The Yukon allows you to start a fire quickly while the double wall design creates a burst of hot air over the fire reducing the smoke without the use of batteries and fans. Modeno Aurora Fire Table. “ The new Solo Stove fire pits are now available to back via Kickstarter with earlybird pledges available from $199 for the Solo Stove Ranger. I am very pleased with my Yukon stove purchase. Solo Stove Bonfire Coupon - 08/2020. Breeo offers 4 different styles of fire pits, all designed using the smokeless woodburning technology. It’s a combo kit that comes with the solo stove Yukon stand. 8 months ago. It is the ultimate backpacking stove and can be carried without much hassle. The Solo Stove Lite is like the baby brother of these designs. The Solo Stove Yukon harnesses our patented design in an extra-large size to bring the biggest and most impressive fire to your backyard patio. Solo Stove: Dimensions: 26.75" inches in Diameter, 2.75" tall: Weight: 2.38 lbs: What's Included: • (1) Solo Stove Yukon Stand: Ask a Question. This isn’t a fluke though as it’s due to the stove’s double wall that produces a secondary combustion and clean gasification. A great companion for your Bonfire fire pit, the waterproof, durable Bonfire Shelter makes it easy to cover and protect your Solo Stove from rain and snow, saving … At present, you could shop at and save as much as 32% OFF on your total bill with the most pratical Solo Stove Promo Codes, Coupon Codes and deals for May 2020. The stove weighs 45 pounds and is best if moved by two people due to its large awkward size. All the wood burns down, leaving only ultrafine ash. Specifications: Dimensions: ... Solo Stove Yukon Fire Pit 27" Quick View Solo Stove Yukon Fire Pit 27" Sold Out $804.99. It’s really just for social patio fires. It is amazing how well the Yukon 5 heats my 16x20 tent. There are several differences between the two. Solo Stove Ranger Stand Less. Thanks.Jerome. Beautifully constructed with 304 stainless steel, its minimalist aesthetics paired with patent-pending technology make it the perfect centerpiece for any backyard gathering. The “forcing cone” and air holes at the top provide the environment for a second burn, and is what allows for the smokeless operation. Ships to Only United States. Smokeless I also narrowed the search to products that at least claimed to be smokeless. In this review, you will learn whether if you should spend money on this new stove. A fire pit is the essential centerpiece to any campsite. In our Bushbuddy stove vs Solo Stove test, we noticed that the Solo doesn’t emit as much smoke. Unmistakably a Solo Stove product, the clean, minimal, two-piece spark Shield provides an extra degree of safety and peace of mind, helping prevent embers from escaping your fire pit. The Solo Stove is an innovative type of smokeless firepit. It adds a deck patio safe stand with the extra-large fire pit bringing the largest intense fire to your backyard. Solo Stove Yukon is a patent pending 30" double wall outdoor fire pit that raised over $1.7M on Kickstarter. It is so well built. The upcoming Yukon stove virtually dwarfs the Bonfire by nearly 1 foot in diameter. The Yukon allows you to start a fire quickly while the double wall design creates a burst of hot air over the fire reducing the smoke without the use of batteries and fans. Solo Stove Yukon Bundle: The Solo Stove Yukon 27” ultimate bundle contains Solo Stove Yukon Lid, Solo Stove Yukon Stand, Yukon Fire Pit etc. Solo Stove Station is the simple solution you've been seeking for maximizing your outdoor space. Estimated delivery Feb 2019. This Solo Stove Yukon Fire Pit is designed in an extra-large size, allowing more fire to your backyard. Solo Stove Yukon 27" Stand $ 69.99. The Yukon can burn full-size logs. The Solo Stove Yukon harnesses our patented design in an extra-large size to bring the biggest and most impressive fire to your backyard. An award winning American Made manufacturer of smokeless fire pits, Breeo has been building double-walled fire pits since 2011. Dimensions: 30 in. The best feature is that, once it gets going, it burns essentially smoke-free. The design is small and compact and still has the ability to boil around 34 ounces of water in 8-10 minutes. wide, 16 in. Station combines functionality and practicality by offering ample fire wood storage, a storage space for Ranger or Bonfire, and features utility shelves to organize fire starting supplies, provide a gear workspace, or offer additional space for entertaining. The Yukon is designed to be more stationary, with it being able to stay in one place for extended periods of time. Their technology helps logs burn completely and greatly minimizes smoke. There are no questions or answers for this item. Solo Stove Yukon Stand not included; this optional stand allows you to use the Yukon for extended periods of time or on surfaces that need additional protection from heat ; Imported. Its double wall design provides air to all parts of the fire allowing for a more complete burn with way less smoke. 32% off (3 months ago) solo stove bonfire coupon Coupons, Promo Codes 08-2020 Top It was painstakingly engineered to provide a backyard fire experience that cannot be duplicated. The Solo Stove Yukon Stand allows air to pass underneath your Yukon fire pit so you can use it on surfaces that need additional protection from heat or for extended periods of time. The Solo Stove Lite. Looks great. Meet Solo Stove’s Yukon XL 27-inch fire pit. Yukon Solo Stove would also be great for van or RV life if it wasn’t so heavy. The Stand is designed for use on the more heat sensitive surfaces, like your wooden deck, or that nice and clean new patio. The Solo Stove Yukon harnesses our patented design in an extra-large size to bring the biggest and most impressive fire to your backyard. The Yukon Stand from Solo Stove allows you to use and enjoy your Yukon Fire Pit in more places than ever before. We also compared the stove with the Emberlit and the Bushbox and the results were the same: less smoke for the Solo. LOW SMOKE - Yukon drastically reduces the amount of unpleasant smoke. | Fuel: Wood ... and tending the flame takes some bending or a fire poker considering how deep this Solo Stove is.

solo stove yukon dimensions

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