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 The popular Yorkshire Terrier is perfectly suited for apartment-life. It is a jolly, fun, and energetic dog, with a fiery temperament. Despite its size it is a dominant dog, which means that it is hard for it to coexist peacefully with other animals, as it likes to receive all of the attention. It can become aggressive even toward animals it encounters outside its home, during its daily walks for example. It is wary of strangers and barks persistently when it detects an unfamiliar presence. It is not recommended for small children, but older children it gets along very well with.


 The Yorkshire Terrier is a small-bodied dog with a rich and long coat, which requires grooming and daily combing. It has a small and cute head and triangular erect ears. Its coat is straight and shiny and it reaches the ground. The head’s coat is usually of a brown or fiery-red color, while the torso is usually of a dark metallic blue color. Its height is around 23 cm tall and it weighs around 3 kilos.

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