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 Though better known for its racing abilities, the Whippet is equally capable at hunting small prey, since it is fast and agile. It is also good as a pet, since it is jolly, friendly, sweet and affectionate. It needs a lot of exercise. It is especially fond of children and can coexist peacefully with other animals it has grown up with. It is not always obedient, nor does it respond well to tough training since it has a sensitive character. It needs protection from very warm as well as cold weather. When it goes out during winter it would be well for it to wear a dog-coat to avoid catching a cold.


 The Whippet’s distinguishing feature is its “aerodynamic” look. It has a body that is thin, muscular and elegant. Its head is longish and its neck is long. Its tail is long, thin and pointy. Its coat is short, thin and smooth, and for this reason does not require much grooming. All color combinations can be met. Its height ranges from 43 to 51 cm tall and it weighs around 13 kilos, the female being somewhat shorter and lighter than the male.

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