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The cat of Angora is a very clever, energetic and playful cat. It is extremely hyperactive and it does not like to be restricted. It is very kind and it can be connected very much with a member of the family. The cat of Angora is the ideal one for those who look for a cat-companion who needs a little care.


The cat of Angora has got a long, thin but not muscular body and it weighs about 2.5 to 5 kilos. Its neck is thin and elegant, characteristics of a delicate cat. Its eyes are big and almond shaped and their colour isn’t related to the colour of its fur. They can be of any colour, from bronze to gold, green or blue and perhaps mismatched. It has got big and a little sharp ears at the top of its head and there is a short distance between them. Its main characteristic is its long silky fur. The white Angora cat is the one that cat lovers prefer the most, although its colours differ. There are the traditional west single-coloured and double coloured in solid colours, grey and darker hues with classical patterns, striped, fish bone pattern and arzanto.

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