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 The Tibetan Mastiff has been used to guard sheep, properties, and persons, and it used for these purposes even today. It is so strong that it may even overcome and kill a tiger. This dog is difficult to train, so it is only recommended to experienced dog trainers and owners. It must be socialized and trained from early on, else it may become too cautious and stubborn or authoritarian. It is not suited for apartment-life, but it may live in a large yard, and may sleep outside the house. At night it has the tendency to bark whenever it hears any suspicious noise, so it is not recommended for those who cannot tolerate barking or who have close neighbors.


 The Tibetan Mastiff is a large-sized dog, since its height ranges from 61 to 72 cm tall and it weighs from 64 to 82 kilos. Its double coat is long and thick. Its coat-color may be black, chocolate, grey, and different shades of golden.

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