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 The Siberian Husky has been bred as a working dog, e.g. to pull sleds and heavy objects, and as an assistant during hunting. Today it is also used as a family pet. It must be trained and socialized from early on by an experienced dog owner, but it will never become blindly obedient, since it is independent by nature. It is friendly toward people, and for this reason it is not suited for guard duties. It is playful, social, and it loves its human family and especially children.


 The Siberian Husky is a middle-sized dog. The male stands from 53 to 60 cm tall and weighs from 20 to 27 kilos. The female stands from 51 to 56 cm tall and it weighs from 16 to 22 kilos. Its coat is long, thick and soft to the touch, and it requires regular grooming. All colors are acceptable. A characteristic feature of this breed is that the color of its one eye may differ from that of the other.

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