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The Siamese cat has got the special temperament of a playful, friendly and “chatter” cat. It is extremely clever and very indiscriminate. It always looks for attention and company. Since it is not a lonely kind of cat, it needs either a staunch owner or the company of another cat. It is ideal to have both. One of the most special characteristics of the Siamese cat is its voice which is extremely pervasive. Its ability to communicate is perhaps the best of all types of cats that exist.


The Siamese cat has got a long peppy body of medium size and it weighs between 2.5 and 5.5 kilos. It is recognized from its aristocratic head (an oval head which becomes narrower at its snout), from its slanting eyes and the very short silky fur. Its ears are wide at their base and sharp and straight at their top. The cat of Siam has hot different colours, from purple to chocolate brown, with signs of tiger colour or brown–grey colour and a variety of celluloid.

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