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 The Samoyed has been used as a hunting dog, a sheepdog, and as a puller of sleds and carrier of heavy objects. Today it is used mainly as a family pet. It is a friendly, tender and affectionate dog, toward adults and toward children alike. It can coexist peacefully with other dogs. Because of its innate friendliness it is not suited for guard duties. However, it may become a good alert-dog, since it has the tendency to bark whenever it hears suspicious noises. Human companionship is necessary for this dog’s wellbeing, as well as daily exercise, and without these it may become melancholy and difficult. It must be trained and socialized from early on. Because of its thick coat it must be kept in a shady or air-conditioned space during the summer months.


 The Samoyed is a beautiful middle- to large-sized dog. Its height ranges from 54 to 60 cm tall and it weighs from 20 to 33 kilos. The female’s height ranges from 50 to 56 cm tall and it weighs from 17 to 25 kilos. Its eyes are dark-colored and almond-shaped. Its ears are triangular and erect. Its tail stands curved over its back. Its double coat is long, thick and rough. It sheds moderately and requires moderate grooming. Its coat is almost always of a pure white color, but it can also be of a crème or light brown color.

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