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 This great-sized dog became known through tales of rescues on the alpine snows of Switzerland. Because of its excellent sense of smell, it can track humans lost in a snowstorm or even buried under several feet of snow. Its huge weight makes it ideal for carrying sleds or other heavy burdens. Because of its calm and devoted nature, it can be used as a pet, and it is friendly toward children. However, it needs big spaces, as well as a lot of exercise. Because of its great size it needs to be fed a significant amount of food, and its rich coat requires regular grooming, and it also makes warm climates more difficult to bear. The dog must be socialized early on, otherwise it might become hostile toward strangers, be they other animals or people.


 This big-bodied and heavy-bodied dog weighs from 50 to 90 kilos. Males stand from 70 to 90 cm tall, while females stand around 65 to 80 cm tall. Its coat may be either short of long, and either smooth or rough. The coat’s color is usually white with red. Its head is massive, its ears hanging, and its tail is long and thick. Its maximum lifespan is 10 years.

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