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The Russian Blue is a quiet cat, which loves cleanliness and games. It is naturally staunch and can offer all its tenderness to those it loves. It is very clever and not claimant at all. The Russian Blue is a good choice for those who are very busy and stay out of the house for long hours. It can play alone while you are out and it will wait patiently for you to return. It is kind and reserved but it hates changes and stress. It prefers a peaceful house.


The Russian Blue is a muscular cat with long legs, well-built bones and a long svelte neck. Its big almond eyes have got a clear green colour and there is some distance between them. The Russian Blue has got only one colour, that of solid blue. Its fur is short, thick and the end of each hair is silver. Its hue differs from cat to cat but that silver at the end of each hair remains the same especially in natural light. Its kilos are form 3 to 5,5.

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