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 The Rottweiler is a very popular dog, and as such it is cast in a wide array of roles. More often it is used as a property-guard and a bodyguard, while simultaneously fulfilling the role of the family pet. It is ideal as a guard, since it is a fearless and courageous dog, it is always on guard, and is loyal and devoted to its human family. It may become dominant or stubborn, and for this reason it requires early training by an experienced owner. It also tends to become too cautious so early socialization is a must. It is a very diligent dog and it gets along well with children.


 The Rottweiler is a medium- to large-sized dog. The male’s height ranges from 61 to 69 cm tall and it weighs from 43 to 59 kilos. The female’s height ranges from 56 to 63 cm tall and it weighs from 38 to 53 kilos. Its coat is short, thick and rough, and it does not require regular grooming. The color of its coat is usually black with brown patches on the chest, over the eyes, underneath the tail, and on the legs and neck.

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