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 The Rhodesian Ridgeback was originally bred to hunt lions in Africa. Today it is used mainly as a family pet and guard dog. It is somewhat independent by nature so it needs to be trained early on by an experienced dog owner. Since it is a sensitive dog, it does not respond well to harsh training methods. It is also a rather cautious dog so it must be socialized from early on, unless it is being prepared for guard duties. It is a daring and courageous dog, protective by nature, loyal and devoted to its human family, traits that make it a good guard dog. It requires plenty of daily exercise.


 The Rhodesian Ridgeback is a middle-sized dog. The male’s height ranges from 63 to 69 cm tall and it weighs around 39 kilos. The female’s height ranges from 61 to 66 cm tall and it weighs around 32 kilos. Its coat is short, thick, shiny, and smooth. The color of its coat is reddish and it may have white areas on the chest.

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