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The Ragdoll has a very calm and cooperative character. It is clever and it can learn new tricks quickly and easily. Although it is lazy and patient, it is ideal for staying inside. It can be a sleepless guard and it defends its area when it is given the chance to be outside. It is friendly with both children and other pets. Although it has got a long fur, it is very easy to be looked after.


The Ragdoll is a big cat and extremely heavy as it can reach 9 kilos in weight. Its body is long and muscular. Its head is cuneiform with rather round curves and its big oval eyes are blue. Its beautiful bushy tail and its silky fur make it one of the most popular cats. The colours of the Ragdoll differ. It can be found in single colours, multicolours (except the colour of cinnamon) and double colours with solid and striped patterns and darker at the edges.

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