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The Persian cat has got a unique character and a very tender personality. It prefers to enjoy the caress and treatment of its owner rather than to go about and explore freely in nature. It is not very energetic and independent like other cats and it adores lying for long hours on its favourite chair. Although it is very calm, it can also be part of a noisy house. Its calm and tender personality, makes it ideal for all the ages, although its fur needs care. Its voice is melodical and pleasant to hear.


The Persian Cat has got a strong body and short, thick legs and it weighs form 3,5 to 7 kilos. Its head is round and its ears are small with small tuffs of hair on their base. There is some distance between its eyes and they are big and round. A special characteristic of the Persian Cat is its thick, shiny fur. It has got long fur all around its body apart from its legs and neck. It has got different colours. The most recognizable ones are single coloured, double solid coloured, grey of smoke, different hues with colour at the end of the hair in classical stripped pattern.

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