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 The Pekingese is a companion dog. It is a playful dog, and it loves human company, especially that of children. Although it is friendly, gentle and affectionate toward its human family, it is somewhat cautious toward strangers. Because of its independent nature it is somewhat difficult to train, but at least it is easy to handle because of its small size. It can live comfortably in an apartment. Despite its size it is a courageous dog, and it may be trained as an alert dog (but not a defensive guard!).


 The Pekingese is a small dog, since its height ranges from 15 to 23 cm tall and it weighs from 3 to 6 kilos. It has large eyes and a short muzzle. Its tail stands plume-like over its back. Its coat is straight, long, and rich, and it may have all colors except ink-liver and pure white (that is, white without any other colors).

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