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 The Papillon is a companion dog. It is an intelligent, athletic, playful, obedient and friendly dog, and it loves to learn. Because of its small size it may live comfortably in an apartment. It loves children especially, but as it is very small care should be taken lest the children unwittingly harm the dog. It is easy to train and is therefore ideal for novice dog owners. It does not require a lot of exercise but a daily walk is necessary.


 The Papillon is a small dog, since its height ranges from 20 to 28 cm tall and it weighs from 3 to 5 kilos. Its ears are so big that, in combination with its small head, they remind one of a bow-tie or a butterfly. Its eyes are large and dark-colored. Its tail stands plume-like over its back. Its coat is long, rich, and of a silky texture. Its coat-color may be white with any other color (white with lemon, white with reddish, white with black, etc), or white with any other two colors (white with brown and black, etc).

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