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 Despite its size, the Newfoundland is a gentle, calm, well-behaved, quiet, obedient, loyal and dedicated dog. It is one of the friendliest dog breeds in the world. It has been used as a work-dog and as a lifeguard. Today it is also popular as a family pet. Because of its large size it must be trained, but training it is easy. It loves children greatly so it makes a good companion to them. It also gets along well with other pets. It needs human company otherwise it becomes restless. It can sleep outside the house, it needs plenty of daily exercise, and it especially likes swimming.


 The Newfoundland is a big and robust dog. The male’s height is around 75 cm tall and it weighs from 75 to 80 kilos. The female’s height is around 68 cm tall and it weighs from 60 to 70 kilos. Its head is wide and its ears are hanging. Its coat is medium-sized, straight, rich, thick, oily and waterproof. Common coat-colors are black, grey, brown, and black-and-white. The first three of these can have white patches.

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