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 The massive Neapolitan Mastiff is used as a property-guard and personal guard, as well as a police dog and a military dog. Since it is not a very energetic dog, it is well-behaved, calm and quiet at home. It can sleep outside the house. It requires daily exercise. It rarely barks unless provoked. It is a fearless guard-dog, and its fearsome look aids it in this role. It must be socialized from early on lest it become aggressive toward strangers and other dogs, and it must be trained lest it become authoritarian. It is not a dog for novices. It should not be left alone with children, for it often is not aware of its own strength and may unwittingly hurt a child.


 The Neapolitan Mastiff is a large dog. The male’s height ranges from 66 to 79 cm tall and it weighs from 70 to 90 kilos. The female’s height ranges from 61 to 74 cm tall and it weighs around 64 kilos. Its coat is short and thick. Its coat-color is usually black or grey, with white marks on the chest and paws. It may also be striped. Its skin is loose. This breed has the tendency to drool.

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