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 The Maltese is ideal as a pet. It is a jolly, loyal, intelligent, obedient and friendly dog, and is easy to train. It may live together with other pets and children. It enjoys human attention and company and likes to be petted. It is playful and energetic even when it grows old. Because of its size it is ideal for an apartment. However, it does have the tendency to bark a lot, something that might prove annoying both to the neighbors and its owners.


 The Maltese is a small dog. The male’s height ranges from 22 to 25 cm tall and the female’s from 20 to 23 cm tall. It weighs from 3 to 4 kilos. Its coat is very long, thick, straight and shiny, with a silky texture. The coat requires regular grooming, and it is advised that is be cut to a smaller length during the summer, when the heat and humidity rises. The color of its coat is usually pure-white.

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