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 The giant-sized Leonberger is first and foremost a family pet. It is ideally suited for this role, since it is friendly toward its human family and toward children, and it is patient, loyal, playful, intelligent and obedient. It must be socialized from early on and be trained properly, else it may become too wary of strangers. It does not respond well to harsh training, so it must be trained with patience and respect. It is not recommended for an apartment, but it is not a very energetic dog so it can live in a yard.


 The Leonberger is a large and muscular dog. The male’s height ranges from 74 to 80 cm tall and weighs from 59 to 77 kilos. The female’s height ranges from 61 to 74 cm tall and it weighs from 45 to 59 kilos. Its rich coat may be either medium-length or long, it is waterproof, and it requires weekly grooming and combing. Its coat-color may be yellow, crème, orange, reddish, as well as a combination of these colors along with grey or white patches on the chest and paws. The muzzle is always of a black color.

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