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The Himalayan Cat has got a tender character and it is extremely expressive. It has got a sweet low voice and it likes peace and quietness. It frequently wants caress and enjoys family pleasant warmth. It prefers the peaceful life of the house and human friendship. The Himalayan Cat is absolutely obedient and it gets on very well with children and other pets. Due to its long fur, it needs time to be looked after, though. Its owner must be particularly careful with its health and nutrition as it can get easily ill.


The Himalayan Cat is muscular enough and its body of medium size. It has got short, thin but strong legs and big around paws. Its ears are small and curved at their edges and its eyes are big and round. Two special characteristics on it are its small nose and its flat face. Its bushy tail is also short in comparison with the size of its body. What makes the Himalayan Cat different is its dense, soft and long fur. The colours on its body may be white or cream but its face and edges have always got different, darker colours such as chocolate brown, purple, blue, cream colour etc.

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