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 Despite its big size and strength, the Great Dane is a noble, jolly, calm and friendly dog, used mostly today as a family pet and as a guard-dog. It needs human company, for without it it will become melancholy. It loves its human family including children. It may live in an apartment, as long as it gets plenty of daily exercise. However, it must not exercise when it is small, because its bones are fragile when at a young age. It is not aggressive toward other pets, although rarely it may attack very small pets, such as rabbits and hamsters.


 The Great Dane is found in five color varieties, each with its own special name. The Harlequin Great Dane is white with black spots or black with white spots, which make it look like a Dalmatian. The Black Great Dane has a metallic black color. The Blue Great Dane has a blue metallic color. The Brindle Great Dane has a striped pattern, usually brown with golden, but also fawn with black. The Fawn Great Dane is yellow gold. The last two types are sometimes considered a single type. The Great Dane’s coat is short, thick, smooth, and shiny. Because of its short coat it is susceptible to colds. It is a large dog. Its minimum height is 76 cm tall for a male and 71 cm for a female. Its minimum weight is 55 kilos for a male and 45 kilos for a female.

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