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 The Gordon Setter is used mainly as a hunting dog and a family pet. It is a loyal, jolly, playful and friendly dog that bonds with its human family, including children, and it seeks human companionship and it loves being petted. As it is fearless and always on guard, it can make a good guard dog. It needs plenty of daily exercise and plenty of space, and therefore it cannot live in an apartment. It must be trained and socialized from early on, but it does not respond well to harsh training, as it is a sensitive dog. When properly trained, however, it becomes a very obedient dog.


 The Gordon Setter is a middle-sized dog. The male stands from 61 to 69 cm tall and weighs from 25 to 36 kilos. The female stands from 58 to 66 cm tall and weighs from 20 to 32 kilos. Its coat is long, either straight or slightly wavy, smooth, and requires regular grooming. Its coat-color is black with reddish-brown patches on the muzzle, chest, over the eyes, underneath the tail, and on the legs.

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