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 The Golden Retriever is used in search and rescue, in drug-tracking, to carry heavy loads, to retrieve objects, as a guide for the blind, etc. It is also a capable hunting dog with the ability to hunt both on land and in water. It is suited as a pet but it requires plenty of daily exercise. It gets along well with children and coexists peacefully with other pets. It is a very well-behaved dog and is easy to train. It is devoted to its family and needs human companionship. As it is an energetic dog it is well-suited for active owners. It is not suited for sedentary living. Also, because of its inherent friendliness it is not well-suited for guarding or body-guarding duties.


 The Golden Retriever possesses a golden or crème coat, which is long and thick, straight or wavy, and has a waterproof undercoating. Such a coat is obviously in need of devoted grooming and daily combing. The Golden Retriever is a big dog. The male weighs around 27 to 36 kilos, and its height ranges from 56 to 61 cm tall. The female weighs around 25 to 32 kilos and its height ranges from 51 to 56 cm tall.

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