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 The Giant Schnauzer is a large and strong dog. It has been used mainly to guard animals herds. It is a very capable house-guard, since it is by nature cautious toward strangers, protective of its territory, is always on guard, and is very daring and courageous. It must be trained and socialized from early on to prevent it from becoming too cautious and aggressive toward strangers. It cannot coexist with other pets. It needs plenty of daily exercise in order to retain perfect physical and mental fitness. It cannot live in an apartment.


 The Giant Schnauzer is a large dog. The male stands from 66 to 71 cm tall and it weighs from 27 to 36 kilos. The female stands from 58 to 66 cm tall and it weighs from 25 to 34 kilos. Its coat is rough, thick, hard and wiry, and it does not shed much. Its coat-color can be either black or else salt-and-pepper-colored.

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