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 The Kurzhaar is a general-purpose hunting dog, equally capable at hunting on land as it is at hunting in water. It has a good sense of smell, is tireless, agile, and follows its prey with inextinguishable passion. It is an intelligent, daring and friendly dog, and it bonds strongly to its master. It may be kept as a pet, as long as it is given some outlet for its energy, else it may become hyperactive and destructive. It must receive proper training, so it is not recommended to inexperienced owners. It gets along well with children, but because of its energetic nature adult supervision is required when the children are very young. Though generally it gets along well with other pets, the Kurzhaar has a strong predatory instinct, so it cannot coexist peacefully with smaller pets like cats, hamsters, or rabbits.


 The Kurzhaar’s coat it short, thick, and rough (except for the head and ears where the coat is soft). Its color is usually single-colored dark brown, or dark brown with white spots. The male’s height ranges from 62 to 67 cm tall and the female’s from 58 to 63 cm tall.

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