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 The German Shepherd Dog is perhaps the most popular and well-known dog-breed in the world. It has been used widely: as a pet, as a tracker, as a search-and-rescue dog during WWI, as a shepherd dog, as a guide for the blind, as a police dog, as a personal bodyguard, etc. It is a brilliant dog that can learn to perform a task after as few as five repetitions. It bonds with the entire family but more-so with its master, and it gets along well with children. Sometimes it becomes overprotective so it is important to socialize it from early on. It is also important that it receives proper training from early on. It feels the need to please its master, and it likes being given a task. It needs human companionship as well as daily exercise. It is recommended to experienced owners rather than novices.


 The German Shepherd Dog is medium-sized, strong and muscular. It has a strong scissors bite. Its lips are tight and rarely drool. Its ears are erect and forward-looking. Its coat is medium-sized, somewhat longer around the neck. The color varies, but is usually black with brown and variations of grey. The male has a height of around 60 to 65 cm tall and it weighs around 30 to 40 kilos. The female has a height ranging from 55 to 60 cm tall and it weighs from 22 to 32 kilos.

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