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 The French Bulldog is a small-sized companion-dog. It is energetic but not very athletic. In temperament it is kind, social, and carefree. Its requirements regarding exercise are modest, but a daily walk is a must. It is ideally suited for apartment-life, since it rarely barks without reason. It gets along well with children, but sometimes it plays rough, and for this reason adult supervision is recommended whenever the French Bulldog is playing with small children. Sometimes it shows aggression toward other animals of the same sex. Those who already own a dog and are thinking of acquiring a French Bulldog will do well to choose one of the opposite sex.


 The small but tough-bodied French Bulldog has a height of around 38 cm tall and it weighs around 8 to 14 kilos. It has a short muzzle. Its ears are big compared to its head, and they stand erect. The tail is not cut, but is naturally short. Its coat is short and smooth, so it does not require attentive grooming. The color of its coat varies: it may be black; white with black patches or stripes; reddish brown with black patches or stripes; or blue-grey.

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