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 The Fox Terrier has been bred for hunting – mainly for hunting foxes (hence the name). Later the breed was divided into two separate categories: the Short-haired and the Long-haired Fox Terrier. The difference lies mainly in the coat, but there are also minor differences in temperament, as it is said that the Short-haired Fox Terrier is more tame and timid than the Long-haired variety, and so it is more suited as a pet, whereas the Long-haired Fox Terrier is ideal for those people who want a dog that will live in the countryside and will accompany them during hunting, mostly to drive small prey out of their nests or other small holes and tunnels. As for the rest the two varieties are identical. The Fox Terrier is generally a very active and energetic dog, intelligent, playful and affectionate. It may live in an apartment as long as it gets plenty of daily exercise. It needs human company and is easily bored, so it is ideal for owners who will devote a lot of their time to this dog.


 The Fox Terrier is a small dog. The male’s height ranges from 36 to 41 cm tall and its weight ranges from 7 to 9 kilos. The female stands from 33 to 38 cm tall and it weighs from 6 to 8 kilos. Its coat-color is mainly white with black or brown patches. The Short-haired Fox Terrier’s coat is short, thick and soft, while the Long-haired Fox Terrier’s coat is middle-sized, rough and hard.

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