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 The English Setter is used mainly as a hunting dog, as a pet, or both. It specializes in hunting birds, such as partridge. It is a friendly, calm and anthropocentric dog, and it bonds to its human family, including children. As it is a very energetic dog, it must get plenty of daily exercise. It also needs a lot of space, such as a spacious yard, so it is not suited for apartment-life. It is a bit stubborn when it comes to training, and it does not respond well to harsh training, as it is a sensitive dog. When properly trained, however, it can pretty much perform most duties any other dog breed may perform, with the exception of guarding animal herds.


 The English Setter is a middle-sized dog. The male stands from 61 to 69 cm tall and it weighs from 25 to 36 kilos. The female stands from 58 to 66 cm tall and it weighs from 20 to 32 kilos. Its coat may be short or long, and is shiny and wavy. It requires a moderate amount of grooming. Its coat-color may be white with black, liver, orange, or lemon-colored spots. It can also be three-colored (white, black and brown, or white, blue and brown).

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