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 One of the most famous dog breeds in the world, the English Bulldog is perfectly suited for apartment-life, since it is by nature quite lazy! For this reason, it is not recommended to active owners who would prefer a more athletic dog. The animal is known for its devotion toward its master. It needs human companionship in order to be happy, and it does not like to be left alone for long periods. Despite its forbidding look, and despite the fact that it was originally bred for bull-versus-dog fights (hence the name), its temperament has been subsequently improved by dog breeders, with the result that the dog is now quite friendly toward both children and adults. It is also friendly toward other pets it has grown up with.


 The English Bulldog is a muscular and chunky dog, with a small tail and a big head whose lower jaw protrudes. It has folded skin which gives it a “fat” look. Its coat is short, thick, and smooth. Its color varies significantly. Its height is 30 to 35 cm tall. Males generally weigh around 25 kilos while females weigh around 23 kilos.

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