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 The English Cocker Spaniel is generally used as a pet. Its pleasant, jolly, playful, loving and affectionate temperament make it ideal for this role. It bonds strongly with children and it can be trusted with them. It enjoys and seeks human company and it can coexist peacefully with other pets. It barks when it hears suspicious noises or when it senses a stranger’s presence, but it does not attack. It may live in an apartment but requires a daily walk. It is easy to train and it learns easily and is obedient. If spoiled, however, it may become stubborn.


 The English Cocker Spaniel is a medium-sized dog. Its height ranges from 38 to 41 cm tall and it weighs around 12 to 17 kilos, with the male being larger than the female. Its eyes have a color similar to its coat. Its ears are long and hang touching its cheeks. Its coat is smooth with a silky texture, and it requires regular grooming and combing. The color of its coat varies. Common colors are black, red, and white, as well as combinations of these.

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