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 The famous Dalmatian spotted dog is ideal for those who are looking for a larger companion dog and who like leading an active life. The Dalmatian is very loyal, obedient, gentle, quiet, and it bonds strongly to its owner. When it is left by itself for a long time it may become depressed or destructive. It has a strong protective instinct and with the right training it may become an able guard-dog. It must be socialized from early on, otherwise it may exhibit hostility or fear toward strangers. Although it loves children it may hurt them unintentionally due to its energetic nature, and for this reason it should not be left alone with them. It can coexist peacefully with other animals that it has grown up together with.


 The Dalmatian is a medium-sized dog. It weighs around 32 kilos. The male’s height is around 58 to 61 cm tall and the female’s is around 56 to 58 cm tall. Its coat is short, thin and thick. The color of its coat is white with black or brown spots. The color of its eyes can be black, amber, or blue.

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