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 Though at earlier times it was used to guard sheep and other cattle, today the Collie is used mainly as a companion dog and as a guide for the blind. It is an intelligent, tireless, loyal and affectionate dog, with a soft spot for children. It may live in an apartment but requires a daily walk and plenty of exercise. It is easy to train and makes for a capable guard.


 The Collie is a medium-sized dog. The male’s height ranges from 56 to 62 cm tall and it weighs from 20 to 30 kilos. The female’s height ranges from 50 to 55 cm tall and it weighs from 18 to 25 kilos. Its head and muzzle are longish. Its eyes are almond-shaped. It has a rich and long coat, except for the head and the ends of its legs where it is quite short. The color of the coat varies. The most common colors are white in combination with golden-yellow, crème, or reddish, as well as black in combination with blue and golden.

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