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 The Chow Chow has been used in the past as a hunting dog and as a guard. Today it is used mainly as a pet and as a guard dog. It is cautious and even aggressive toward strangers, and protective when it comes to its human family and its turf, and therefore it can make a good guard dog. Because of its innate cautiousness and dominance it must be trained and socialized from early on by an experienced owner. It should not be left with small children unsupervised. Although is bonds with its human family and is friendly toward them, it does not particularly like being petted. It is a somewhat aloof and tough-hearted dog. It may live in an apartment as long as it gets plenty of daily exercise.


 The Chow Chow is a middle-sized dog. The male stands from 48 to 56 cm tall and it weighs from 25 to 32 kilos. The female stands from 46 to 51 cm tall and it weighs from 20 to 27 kilos. Its coat is thick, fluffy, and rough. It comes in two color-varieties: one is black and brown, and the other is white.

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