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 The Caucasian shepherd dog is used to guard sheep, property, and people. Its thick coat protects it from extreme winter weather conditions. It requires plenty of food and exercise. It is an independent dog by nature and may become aggressive unless properly trained and socialized from early on. It bonds to the entire family and especially to its master, with whom it develops a strong and special bond. It is a strong and courageous dog and will not hesitate to risk its life for that of its human family, or for the sheep whose protection has been assigned to it. It is probably the most aggressive dog breed there is, and the most confrontational when it comes to intruders. Because it is such a strong and dangerous dog it is recommended only to experienced dog trainers and owners.


 The Caucasian shepherd dog is a muscular dog, with a compact head and dark eye color. Its height ranges from 64 to 78 cm tall and it weighs around 45 to 82 kilos. Its coat may be short, medium, or long. Its coat may be colored in all the grey variations, with white, reddish, black or golden-red patches.

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