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 The Cane Corso has been used as a bodyguard, a house-guard, and as a hunting dog. Its fearsome appearance will scare any would-be intruder. It bonds especially with its master but loves all its family’s members, as well as children, and it will not hesitate to protect them at the risk of its own life. It is a courageous and devoted dog, and is easy to train. It requires a lot of exercise. It is also quiet. It would be good to have it socialized from early on to prevent it from becoming overly wary of strangers.


 The Cane Corso is a big dog, since it weighs around 40 to 50 kilos, and its height ranges from 60 to 68 cm tall. In appearance it is muscular and athletic, but also elegant. Its head is big, and its muzzle is almost as long as it is broad. Its coat is short, thick, soft and shiny. Common colors are black and brown with white patches on the chest. Rarer colors are grey, blue, and fiery red.

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