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 The famous long-bodied and short-legged Busset Hound has been bred to hunt prey of small and medium size, like bunnies and rabbits, and usually it hunts in groups. It may be kept as a pet, as it is a friendly, loyal, sweet, affectionate, lazy, and timid dog, and it loves children very much and gets along perfectly with other pets. However, it requires an experienced dog trainer, because it is a stubborn dog who is not easy to train. It may live in an apartment as long as it gets plenty of daily exercise outside the house.


 The Busset Hound has a characteristic sausage-like shaped body, with a long torso and short legs, and big ears that almost touch the ground. Its coat is short, thick and smooth. It does not require particular grooming, but it sheds constantly. The color of its coat varies greatly, but usually it is three-colored (black, brown, and white).

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