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 The Bull Terrier has been bred for bull-versus-dog fighting and dog-versus-dog fighting. Today it is used mainly as a bodyguard and a property guard, as well as a companion dog. Its courage, fearlessness and devotion, as well as its remarkably strong and dangerous jaws, make it ideal as a guard. It is an intelligent, friendly and effusive dog, with a soft spot for children. It may live in an apartment, as long as it gets plenty of exercise in the outdoors. It does not coexist peacefully with small pets like rabbits and hamsters. It is necessary to train and socialize it from early on, otherwise it may become aggressive toward other dogs or strangers, and for this reason it is only recommended to experienced owners.


 The Bull Terrier is a muscular dog. Its head is egg-shaped, and its eyes are so small that they resemble mere slits on its head. Its coat is short, thick and shiny. Its color varies greatly, but is usually white with black spots. Height and weight is not specified for this breed, so the variation is significant: its height may range from 40 to 60 cm tall while its weight may range from 15 to 38 kilos.

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