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The British Shorthair has got a very calm character and it is a particularly clever cat. It can be easily trained and taught some simple tricks. It can be connected with all the members of the family very easily, not only with one member like other cats. It is very independent and it can stay alone without any problems when you are at work. It isn’t “hyperactive” and it will not cause any damage in the house. However, it is very playful and affectionate. It is very friendly and tolerated with children as well as with other animals.


The British Shorthair can be of medium or large size and it weighs from 4 to 8 kilos. Its body is muscled with a wide chest and strong shoulders. Its head is round and big with a strong chin. Its medium sized nose is wide and straight with a small notch. Its eyes are big, round and wide open and the colour of them depends on the colour of its fur. Its fur is thick and short and it is an insulator, although it needs to be looked after. This cat’s colours are all the solid colours, multicolours and dichromate in solid colours too, the grey colour of smoke with the hue and dark colour at the ending and also traditional western motif.

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