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 The Boxer had been used initially as a fighting dog, later as a hunting dog and sheepdog, and today it is used mainly as a pet and as a guard dog. It is quiet, friendly, affectionate and loyal toward those it is familiar with, and it loves children very much. However, it is cautious toward strangers, and has a highly developed protective instinct. It is a fearless, brave, dedicated and strong dog that is easy to train, and these traits make it ideal as a guard of properties or men. It may live in a yard so long as it gets its daily exercise. It must be trained and socialized from early on.


 The Boxer is a medium-sized muscular dog. The male’s height ranges from 56 to 63 cm tall and the female’s from 53 to 60 cm tall. Its weight ranges from 25 to 32 kilos. Its coat is short, rough, straight and shiny. The color of its coat ranges from light fawn to dark brown or even dark grey with or without white spots on the chest and paws. This dog breed does not drool.

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