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 The Borzoi had been bred initially as a hunting dog, and it used to hunt medium-sized prey, like wolves and foxes, using mainly its vision and speed. It is a quiet dog that rarely barks, and it is friendly, loyal and it bonds to its master. It is a sensitive dog that does not respond positively to harsh training. It is also an independent dog by nature so it is somewhat difficult to train. Because of its hunting instincts it is difficult for it to coexist peacefully with small pets, such as cats, rabbits and hamsters. It also does not get along very well with children. Since it is not a very energetic dog is may live in an apartment, as long as it gets enough exercise.


 The Borzoi is a big and athletic dog. The male has a height of around 75 cm tall and the female is at least 66 cm tall. It weighs around 54 kilos. Its head, like its body, is thin and long. Its coat is long, either straight or wavy, with a silky texture. Its coat may have any color or color combination.

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