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 The Bernese Mountain Dog was originally bred to guard sheep, and for this reason it is quite agile. Today it is mostly used as a companion-dog. This role suits it perfectly, since it is by nature friendly, cheerful, adaptable, trainable, and it loves children and can coexist with other animals. But it is also a rather large dog, so early training is a must, else it might drag its owner from its leash when it is taking a walk, and might jump – from sheer joy – on unsuspecting strangers. It needs human companionship else it might exhibit tendencies toward melancholy. Its long coat makes it an ideal dog for cold climates. It requires regular exercise in order to be kept in shape. It loves food, so the amount of food it is given must be kept in check to avoid obesity.


 The Bernese Mountain Dog is a large dog. Its height ranges from 58 to 70 cm tall and it weighs from 40 to 44 kilos, the male being larger than the female. Its coat is long and straight. It is tricolored: black, brown and white. Its head is broad and its big ears hang on the side


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