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For years now, people choose Bengal Cats for their character, as they are a very perky and obedient breed. It is the only cat breed which has the blood of a wild animal. Although it looks wild because of its dottie fur, it is one of the mildest pets. It needs to live in comfort, to play, to run and to move freely. The Bengal Cat is one of the cleverest cats.


The Bengal Cat has got a muscular body and weighs from 5,5 to 10 kilos. Its exclusiveness is the “brightness” of its fur. Its colours and motifs differ. The most usual are the following: the striped brown and the leopard colour of the snow with dots of brown-red colour in both cases. The most usual patterns are spotted/ rosetted and marble. The Bengal Cat has strong zygomatics and it is the only breed of spotted domestic cat.

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