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 The American Cocker Spaniel is used as a pet. It is a friendly, jolly, loyal and happy dog. Because of its small size it may live in an apartment, but it requires a daily walk, as well as active owners, since it is an energetic dog. It enjoys human attention and human company, and it gets along well with children. It is a sensitive dog and for this reason does not respond well to tough training. If trained in the proper manner, however, it will be obedient.


 The American Cocker Spaniel is a medium-sized dog. It has a height that ranges from 34 to 39 cm tall and weighs around 11 to 15 kilos. Its head has a distinctive rounded-dome shape, and its ears are long and hang touching its cheeks. Its eyes are large and dark-colored. Its coat is straight or wavy, but not curly, and it has a silky texture. It requires daily grooming. The color of its coat varies greatly. It may be black, grey, dark brown to light crème, as well as any of these colors together with white.

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