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 The American Bulldog is a large-bodied, sturdy, brave, but also friendly dog. It is fearless and protective when it comes to its owner, and it is very fond of children. It is an obedient dog that is easily trained. With the proper training it may become an excellent guard-dog, and if it is socialized early on it becomes friendly toward everyone. It is sometimes aggressive toward other animals, especially those smaller than itself, unless they have grown up together. It does not require regular grooming since its coat is quite short. It may live in an apartment, but it needs daily exercise in the outdoors.


 The height of an American Bulldog ranges from 50 to 70 cm tall and it weighs from 25 to 55 kilos, with the female being usually slightly shorter and lighter than the male. It has a large head with strong jaws and a muscular body and neck. Its coat is short and dense. Its coat comes in a variety of two-colored combinations.

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