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Cyprus Live Pets
Since 2009

About Cyprus Live Pets

Our store is owned by K.A PYTHEVS LTD, that is based in Cyprus. The K.A PYTHEVS was founded in 2009 and it is located in Larnaca in an area of 1200m2, equipped with modern facilities, meeting all the European standards set by national legislation.

Our company currently has over 100 different breeds of dogs and cats. All the dogs that are delivered to our customers, meet stringent criteria and pass by all the quality checks.

Our History

All breeders with whom K.A PYTHEVS cooperate, have passed all the relevant tests and meet all the animal welfare criteria. None of our dogs comes from farming machines (puppy mills) which are designed solely to maximize profit without respecting the value of the life of each dog.

The K.A PYTHEVS, by ignoring profit, has managed to collaborate with hundreds of breeders to ensure the interests of its clients, but also the benefit of all the animals.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

Respect for every animal is the main principle of our company. For this reason we care to work with breeders who share the same spirit with us. They are animal lovers above all, who do not put personal gain over physical and mental health and welfare of animals.