5. Taiwan use 哭饿/kao yao (cry like you are hungry ghost). Yao Guai are powerful beasts that roam the Commonwealth.They are mutated bears that were affected by the nuclear radiation of the Great War. Yao Guai (妖怪) is more than certainly a Chinese derivation for, roughly, monster or demon. yao guai definition at Chinese.Yabla.com, a free online dictionary with English, Mandarin Chinese, Pinyin, Strokes & Audio. Contextual translation of "yao guai" into English. The Yao Guai is a mutated bear of questionable origin and is notably fearsome. 死爸/sibei (Teochew) Sibei good = “f*cking good”. These creatures roam the game's setting, a post-nuclear Washington, D.C. and surrounding areas of Maryland and Virginia (the Capital Wasteland.) … "Yao Mo" is a broad term for bad magical beings, while a "Yao Jing" is usually neutral or even good, especially the horny foxy girls that are always thirsty for "human essence"; Keyword: magic, humanoid. The 2008 video game Fallout 3 features mutated bears identified as Yao Guai. Sometimes one will spawn in front of the cabins on White Spring Resort itself, where the Scorched are. Yao guai are a species of mutated bears that inhabit the Commonwealth, the Island and Nuka-World in 2287. Usage of Yaoguai and Spirit Edit. As the mainline knightmare of the Chinese Federation's Liberation Army, the Yaoguai was a true reflection of its home country at the time of its development. 兽 shou could also mean 'beast' as in Ehuishou or Horned Disaster Beasts. Singlish is the English-based creole or patois spoken colloquially in Singapore.English is one of Singapore's official languages, along with Malay, Mandarin, and Tamil. Look it up now! Description Edit. Yao Guai don’t always appear, but there’s a chance they will spawn. Offensive Level: 2. The Megiddo version of the Gun Ru.No design changes are made. sibei hungry = “f*cking hungry”. Human translations with examples: thanks, ni yao se, wo yao cha, yao yao da, yao, myrna, what color, homawoo yao. As one of the fastest and strongest mutated animals commonly found in the wastland. In original meaning, crying like your both parents died. Another word that means demon in Chinese is 魔怪(notice the same second character) and roughly pronounced 'Mogwai' which was used in the film 'Gremlins'. Don’t use it if you are PM of SG. Yao Guai, meaning monster or demon, is the name given to this creature by the Chinese remnants after the great war. Use it to describe someone who is whining. Translations of the donghua use various terms yao, yaoguai, and spirit interchangeably. It has asserted its place at the top of the food chain. They attack both the player and various non-player characters. You use it as if it means “very But again, 'monster' has a negative or threatening connotation in English. Appearance Edit.