However, as they're following Tamaa's instructions, Ono suddenly instructs the Lion Guard to turn back. After the rescue, the Lion Guard takes a breather, but not long into their break, they see a wall of floodwater racing across the plains. Kion, however, is not swayed and tells her that she is not welcome in the Pride Lands so long as he is around. Fuli attempts to quiet him, but Bupu simply sinks to his knees, prompting the rest of his herd to do the same. The Lion Guard arrives at Maji Baridi Falls, where Beshte, Bunga, Fuli, and Ono become so distracted worrying over Kion that they fail to notice him crossing a large log over the raging river. At Kion's cry, a group of young animals emerges from the thicket, explaining that they had simply been playing "Lion Guard." Finally, Bunga and his friends decide to demonstrate the Roar of the Elders on a grove of trees to show Makuu what he would be in for if he should attempt a fight. With the Lion Guard now back in commission, Janja takes off with his minions, and the Lion Guard returns to Pride Rock, another mission safely sorted out. In the Lair of the Lion Guard, Makini and the Lion Guard discuss how Scar was defeated by Simba, which inspired the Kumbuka celebration. With Kion and Ma Tembo in the lead, the elephants arrive in Ndefu Grove, where they promptly put out the fire. While he sends Beshte, Fuli, and Ono ahead to keep leading the herds, he and Bunga stay behind to help Muhimu give birth. The Lion Guard looks up at the starry sky. Ushari makes a brief appearance in the film during the scene where Kion and Bunga are planned Baobab Ball. However, as he's flying over the Pride Lands, he bumps into Mwoga, a vulture, who observes the chaos of the Lion Guard down below and decides to report back to Mzingo. They then excitedly declare that they are princes as well. Bunga threatens to move in with Muhangus if the aardvark doesn't help them escape the tunnels. Ono does as he is commanded, following the dry riverbed to see if he can spot any sign of Beshte, while the rest of the Lion Guard follows. The Lion Guard joins in, and together, the two groups put out the fire. Later, Ono spots the jackals chasing down a herd of gazelles, and Kion orders his team to pursue them. On their way to the Tree of Life, the Lion Guard finds a moja kwa moja stone at a dry riverbed. Together, the Lion Guard and their Pride Lander allies storm the watering hole and fight off the Army of Scar. While on patrol, Beshte and Bunga spot Dogo's brothers making themselves at home in aardvark warrens. She then sings "Now You See Me, Now You Don't", in which she explains her camouflage abilities to the team. The team takes off to sort out the problem, but as they run alongside the stampede, Bunga recognizes the pile of rocks from Rafiki's painting. Makuu protests that he had been invited, and Simba confirms to Kion that he had invited Makuu to Pride Rock himself. When Cheezi and Chungu wonder how they might accomplish this, Scar declares that he has a plan. The effects wear off sooner with the right herbs. When Bunga had succeeded and given the grubs to Timon, the meerkat had allowed him to stay, and the three have lived together ever since. Later that day, Ono spots a skirmish at the Watering Hole, and the Lion Guard arrives to find Kenge making a scene. However, he is rescued by a dolphin named Lumba-Lumba, who explains how much she loves the ocean ("That's the Dolphin Way"). He also doesn't like it when other animals trample over him. Across the Pride Lands, the hyenas attack the zebra herd, and Ono rushes off to fetch the rest of his team. Next, the team comes to a canyon that is too wide to jump across, and Kion uses the Roar to funnel his teammates to the other side. Once to safety, they lament being banished by Janja and attempt to be their own bosses, imitating Janja and calling themselves by his favorite nickname for them, "fur-brains." Not long after, she tries to point out a mountain that looks like a monkey's face, but the Lion Guard cannot see it. Furious, Kion demands to know why his friends are acting so strangely, and Bunga reminds him that Rafiki's paintings had predicted his fall from a tree branch. Hunting:Kenge is a hunter, thus he is resourceful and cunning to track prey. That night, Kion notices something on the ground and rushes off to speak to the Pride Landers. Bunga uses his lines from the ceremony to calm Mtoto's mother. He then goes to show Kion, only for Kion to suddenly snap at Bunga in anger, frightening him. Seisou explains that he could not have talked to them earlier, lest Mama Binturong's spies catch on to his activities. Overjoyed, the hyenas take off after their newfound master, and Beshte comments that he loves a happy ending. When Kion summons the Great Kings of the Past to destroy Scar, Ushari jumps toward Kion to avenge his master, yet such a decision costs him his life, as Bunga knocks him to a fiery fate in the lava pit. As the hunt persists, Kion pauses and remarks that he feels like something is watching them from the bushes. After clearing Thurston the zebra and his herd from their path, the Lion Guard successfully leads the cape buffalo to a watering hole, where the tsetse flies are warded off. Meanwhile, the Lion Guard patrols the Tree of Life, coming across a dispute between Heng Heng the panda and Kely the lemur over a bamboo stand. At Jasiri's watering hole, Madoa, Jasiri's sister, admits that she is glad Jasiri has Kion for a friend. Bunge frightens a group of genets by telling them about the Zimwi. She then asks why they are a team if they are all going to be tasked with doing the same thing, which prompts Bunga to remind her that Simba is the king and knows what he's doing. Just then, Zazu flies into the Lair and delivers news that a rock slide has blocked up the giraffes' access to their water hole. Makucha and his army launch an attack on the Tree of Life. He relents, and the herd follows after the Lion Guard. Kion's antics with Bunga disturb the two, so they take their game away from Pride Rock and into the heart of the Pride Lands. After the Lion Guard delivers Basi to safety, Ono arrives with news that a herd of sable antelope are refusing to leave their grazing grounds, even though another storm is on the way. While the two struggle to find each other, Bunga begins to sing "Hakuna Matata", and Simba sings with him until the two converge in an open cavern. However, Bunga knocks Ushari into the volcano, where he is incinerated by the lava. Makuu orders Kiburi to back down, and then agrees to meet with Simba in order to discuss water rations for his float. After the fight, the Pride Landers celebrate their victory. Though Fuli is annoyed, the rest of the Lion Guard shares in a hearty laugh. Makini suggests that Kion relax in the water, and he relents. Bunga recklessly jumps into a sinkhole to save Simba. When Ushari confirms that Simba will likely be present, Scar schemes to use the mashindano as a distraction. The two spiral into an argument until they become so frustrated with one another that they peel off in different directions. Fuli informs Kion that she can reach Pride Rock in time, but that she cannot carry the gourd herself. After pretending to know where Flat Ridge Rock is, Bunga struggles to lead his team in the right direction. Kion suggests cutting through Nyani Grove, which inspires Shujaa to charge through the grove and begin clearing a wide path. The plan works, and the jackals are defeated. With the Lion Guard in pursuit, the gorillas race away into the fog, where they encounter a real forest hog. The Lion Guard takes off to deal with the problem. Njano informs Ushari that Beshte is alone in the Outlands. Bunga and the others encounter Basi and Beshte, the former of which has been injured. Along the way, Makini chatters with Anga about the Tree of Life and reveals that many sick animals journey there for healing. Bunga licks himself, then tells Ushari he's missing out. However, just as they've entered the Outlands, Muhimu begins to go into labor, and Kion is forced to make a difficult choice. At last, the Lion Guard reaches the inner volcano, where Makini places a pinch of the ash in her gourd. Kion accidentally uses the Roar of the Elders on Bunga. Bunga grapples with Mama Binturong for Makini's staff. That night, Janja and his clan bait the Lion Guard into following them into the Lair of the Lion Guard. From outside the cave, Kion senses that something is not right, and he orders Ono to peek through the cracks in the rocks to see what is going on. Kion agrees, but admits that he has a bad feeling about the situation. This prompts Kion to chase after Timon and Pumbaa, and ask them to perform at Makini's mpando mpaya. Ushari helps plan and execute missions against the Pride Landers. Sure enough, Fuli is set upon on all sides by Mzingo and his flock. At the melon patch, Kenge quickly assumes authority over the hyenas, ordering them to roll the melons out of the patch. As such, the Lion Guard decides to leave the Pride Lands to search for the Tree of Life so Kion can be cured from Ushari's venom. The team moves on, but along the way, they are frightened by Beshte's continued bellowing practice. The Lion Guard finds themselves in the midst of a wildebeest stampede, unable to see through the thick dust. Bunga questions why the stone shows a river, and Ono explains that landscapes can change with the seasons. As Janja chases a zebra around a large rock, Kion decides to climb an overhanging tree branch in order to ambush him, but Bunga races after him, tackling him to the ground. Ushari sings "Bring Back a Legend", during which he plots to summon the spirit of Scar. However, Zira had clung to her hatred, and it had destroyed her. While Bunga, Fuli, and Ono set out to clear the grove of animals, Beshte and Kion confront Makuu. In addition, he is known to be disrespectful of authority, most notably when he calls Simba "a big, old scaredy cat" for placing rules of safety around Kion. Once to the Stone Forest, the Lion Guard struggles to fit between the pillars. As the leopard disappears into the brush, Kion decides to follow him and see why he is acting so strangely. However, the Lion Guard decides to host a meeting at the Tree of Life where Beshte can earn the animals' trust back. The team resolves to return to the Pride Lands to foil the plot. They proceed to the tree, where Bunga climbs inside the trunk and wakes up the bats. He orders Beshte and Bunga to push a large boulder into the floodwaters while Ono instructs Kiara and her friends to collapse a dead tree. Bunga sings "Stand Up, Stand Out" in an attempt to cheer Ono. Bunga is a male honey badger. Kion questions Kulinda as to why she had left her egg in Ono's nest, and she explains that she has been building a new nest in preparation for her egg hatching. She agrees and orders Anga to lift the snow monkeys out in her talons. The Lion Guard then resolves to find the thief and restore order to the Pride Lands. The rest of the Lion Guard joins in, voicing their confidence in Kion's character ("Friends to the End"). He informs his team that Badili must face Mapigano alone to show that he is not afraid and then offers to teach Badili how to stand up for himself. At the same moment, Boboka arrives with Kion and has a delighted reunion with her son. He then tells Mjomba that he needs the rest of his pack to return home, since the Pride Lands have become infested with termites.