At least it looked like teak. The teak option reduces output by only 6-8% compared to an equivalent standard panel, while custom sizes and shapes can be created without increasing prices. In terms of retrofits, installing synthetic decking over a large area takes a good deal of care and skill if you want it to look right. Does anyone know what it's called, and if it's better looking and longer lasting? Synthetic teak decking for boats. We learn through experience and pushing the boundaries. Others felt the color was a bit too uniform, making it look less like the real thing. We proudly offer you new era decking material made with a respect to traditions of shipbuilding. Everyone loves an immaculate teak deck. It is this commitment that keeps Flexiteek at the top of our game. Unlike real teak, which has a mix of hard and very soft fibres, PVC decks can also be pressure-washed. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. This gives Lignia performance and durability that can surpass tropical hardwoods. The price has gone up dramatically, supply is dwindling, and…, Every sailor is familiar with the wet cough of the diesel engine, and the acrid smell of its exhaust. The artificial synthetic teak deck is a low maintenance artificial teak board that looks exactly like the real teak deck and you can email us now and get free samples. It has a similar appearance to teak and can be worked in the same way, but has an expected lifespan of 50 years. Although synthetic teak can be ordered in strips, which fit together in a tongue-and-groove fashion, a better course is to mail a paper template to the factory, which will then produce a finished piece for you to install. The company has been working on projects with major boat manufacturers – the panels will be used, for instance, on the locker hatches of the aft deck of the Spirit 44E that’s currently in build. It’s supplied as individual planks, or as preformed finished pieces with a standard thickness of 9mm. After 15 years of excellence, we have taken marine synthetic teak flooring to new heights and our fitted decks look equally at home on a 60-metre luxury yacht as they do on a small dinghy or power boat. “We invited all the customers who had ordered a Saffier with teak deck and gave them the choice… they instantly all went for the Esthec deck.”. Escoffier was slammed by more, Around 1345 UTC on Monday afternoon, Vendee Globe competitor Kevin Escoffier (PRB) activated his EPIRB 840 miles southeast of The Cape of Good Hope, in the heart of the Southern Ocean amid some of the most violent water anywhere on Earth. Although we didn’t have a chance to test the gripping qualities of all the samples featured in this article, the Flexiteek on the SC 20 provided excellent footing during a boisterous sail on Narragansett Bay. Flexiteek says PVC experts suggest the surface may start to crack after 25-30 years, but no problems have been observed on 20-year-old decks so far and the life span may be considerably longer. Solbian is also developing a version of the teak-effect panel with a non-slip finish. This compares to a material cost of around £285/m2 for 6mm teak – but don’t forget there’s far more labour involved in laying a real teak deck. It’s produced under high pressure, which gives the feel of high-density material, but is still flexible and absorbs knocks well. Foam decking: £150-£200 Hennevanger says it is not necessarily a cheaper option to teak, but thinks it should last forever. SeaDek, which is made from a closed-cell PE/EVA foam is popular throughout the racing world, from sportsboats to the America’s Cup and the Ocean Race. As a guide, in the UK Permateek costs £150-£350/m2 depending on the complexity of the design. Feb 28, 2014 - Synthetic Teak Decking is very popular these days to be used in custom Yachts and Boats as it is more beneficial in many aspects. I'd heard a rumor there's a new fake teak product on the market that's not blisteringly hot in the sun. Wood Decking Reviews, Cost, Pros and Cons: Cumaru, Teak, Tigerwood, Mahogany, Redwood October 8, 2020 Deciding to add a deck onto your home is exciting, but can also be overwhelming given the number of building materials available to homeowners today. Its cork composition makes it lightweight and provides it with excellent insulation and sound-proofing properties. Cer-Deck, sold by Italian company Ceredi, also has a soft, slightly cushioned feel, very high resistance to degradation in sunlight and is colour stable. Nuteak is a beautiful realistic synthetic teak decking with a 20Y warranty. Nuteak Decking Inc.,, Another very convincing teak substitute: it had me fooled in Newport. Lignia is the latest product to be launched on the market, based on pine grown in FSC certified forests. Nonetheless, smaller projects, like installing a new “teak” cockpit sole, seats or a transom swim step, should be well within the ability of a careful DIY sailor. This also contributes to heating the interior of the boat. To offset this Flexiteek plants one tree for every 10m2 of product sold. Then there is the matter of temperature. Lignia, shown to great effect here on the decks of the Spirit 50CR, is a real softwood product treated to give it the appearance and longevity of teak. The devil is in the details. Given the high cost of replacement this can have a significant impact on a yacht’s resale value. This is a material with a soft cushioned feel, excellent grip underfoot and good shock-absorbing properties. It’s the perfect option to upgrade your boat and replace … Continue reading "Home" The synthetic teak we tested is, in alphabetical order, the Flexiteek, the Permateek and the Plasdeck. We did it ourselves, BUT took patterns of the panels and had them custom made, the plank width is smaller than the 'normal' teak deck size. Over a three to five year period it will slowly take a light grey hue, but this can be sanded back to reveal the original colour. PlasDECK Synthetic Teak Decking. “It’s the idea of synthetic decking that needs to be overcome. Marinedeck claims that its decking is popular among younger boaters. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. A key problem is illegal logging of rainforest in Myanmar, one of the only four countries in which the species grows. Then it hit me: they looked too good, too clean to be real. As a result van der Staay quotes a 40-year expected lifespan. First came hurricanes Irma and Maria in the Caribbean followed by Dorian in the Bahamas. First and foremost, not all charter grounds are created more, Last week Alex Thomson (Hugo Boss) led the fleet across the equator.,, Manufactured by the same company that produces Treadmaster decking, Atlanteak was the least convincing product we examined. Traditional Teak Decks are expensive in both material and man hours. Nonetheless, it is a good-looking deck material in its own right and worth considering. This Shanghai Company boat decking is a synthetic teak panel and it is made of composite materials, 100% recyclable to other wood plastic products on the market and its non–slip quality is superb and nobody yet on first touching or viewing think it is anything other than real teak wood. “We take our responsibility to the environment very seriously and we are not prepared to risk using unsustainable wood.”. Custom panels cost around €250/m2 (ex. In 1992, on the 500th anniversary of Columbus’ would-be voyage to India, I organized a transatlantic rally that followed the historic route of the more, One of the most eye-catching boats at the Newport boat show last fall, the Scandinavian Cruiser 20, is a fast daysailer with a narrow hull and a traditional teak deck. Isoteak is artificial synthetic teak made of original PVC based composition. US $30.62 - 57.41 / piece Free Shipping . Made out of flexible PVC, this material is easy to work with and maintain. Synthetic Teak Decking is a modern way to get the same esthetic look and feel of traditional Teak Decking but without the cost and time involved. Another bonus is that damaged areas can be sanded back to reveal fresh material that looks new. Italian solar panel manufacturer Solbian has a range of panels with a pigmented layer that creates different colour schemes. Because of this Teak Decks on boats are a luxury these days. Many can be factory-made to match a template or CAD file, which significantly reduces labour and installation costs, while customisation can extend to logos and boat names. For…. “It is made completely seamless [the caulking doesn’t go right through], so it is impossible to have any leakages.” Additional benefits are that it is maintenance free, with no fading, has excellent anti-slip properties and comes with a complete freedom of design. Saffier has since built nearly 500 yachts with Esthec decks, “all without any problems”. Common advice is to look for a product with large cork grains as these cope better with impact. SYNBOATEK® Synthetic Teak Decking is SevenTrust's most popular boat deck product. Real teak decking: £500-£600. Firstly it doesn’t last forever, especially if a modern, and likely relatively thin, teak deck is scrubbed regularly. Dutch yard Saffier has been fitting Esthec to its range of daysailers since 2008. Teak can get pretty warm when sitting out in the sun, but a PVC deck gets even warmer—around 150 degrees F on a hot sunny day, according to Bill Gribble, president of Ohio-based PlasDECK Inc. With this in mind, Gribble’s company recently unveiled a new lighter-colored synthetic teak decking called CoolTEAK, which is purportedly much easier on the soles of your feet. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Eva Marine Deck Sheet Synthetic Teak Decking Floor Non-Slip Mats 94.5“×35.4” Light Brown with Black Lines at Available products can be split into four broad categories: Many of these don’t absorb liquids and are therefore easy to keep clean as any dirt stays on the surface. The impregnation of resin means end of life disposal is not as easy as for untreated timber – the recommended option is to use it as fuel in biomass generating plants. Finally, there is the question of appearance. Flexiteek Americas Inc.,, Another strong candidate aesthetically, Dek-King provides an excellent combination of wood-like appearance and texture, without being in any way “hairy.” It received high marks from the entire SAIL staff and includes unique T-shaped grooves on its bottom surface that, in theory, promote stronger adhesion. Teak doesn’t look good from a sustainability perspective either. Tye Conway of UK-based decking specialist Elite-Teak says that typical installed prices in the UK are often lower than elsewhere in northern Europe, with many jobs falling into the following price ranges (ex. When I complimented him on the state of his side decks—a little on the gray side, but not too bad—he just rolled his eyes and said he would probably go with a molded nonskid deck if he had the chance to do it again. The same goes for Marinedeck 2000, from the Dutch manufacturer Stazo Marine Equipment, which is made from cork and is equally impervious to water. See more ideas about teak, deck, boat. All Rights Reserved. PlasDECK Inc. recently unveiled a faux-teak decking with glow-in-the-dark caulking. … Sep 1, 2019 - is your first and best source for all of the information you’re looking for. The company holds patents for non-migratory plasticisers that are bound to the molecular structure. Form meets freedom with Nuteak Synthetic Teak Decking Learn more Nuteak gives your boat flooring the unmistakable look of real teak with unmatched durability and ease of maintenance When it comes to giving your boat that touch of elegance and luxury, nothing beats the look of teak decking. As part of this effort, this past summer it organized an online more, On Tuesday, November 24, US Sailing’s Leadership Forum will present the latest panel discussion in their Diversity, Equity and Inclusion series. A deck is an investment that adds value to your home, whether you choose natural wood or composite materials. Ocean Cork is one of many firms to offer eco-friendly teak alternatives. No worries. However, it struck one editor as being too “hairy,” because of the tiny strands of PVC that result from the texturing process. I was recently doing a delivery with the owner of a beautiful teak-decked 46-footer. Nuteak will outlast any teak decking and it will look like freshly installed teak year after year. Despite their slightly textured surface, which replicates the grain of real wood, dirt and stains stay on the surface of PVC decking, so it can be cleaned relatively easily with a wet cloth and maybe soapy water. Many years ago Teak Decks for … Continue reading "Synthetic Teak Decking" There has also, of course, been the coronavirus, which burst into global prominence more, In recent months, US Sailing, like many organizations, has been taking a closer look at diversity to ensure it’s doing the best job it can of introducing people from all backgrounds and ethnicities to the sport. On the other, teak is expensive and time-consuming to maintain. Surface treatment is minimal: there is no need for sanding, even on nonskid. 0 Orders . Esthec seamless decking installed on a Princess R35. We constantly innovate and try to produce high quality products and provide the best deck solutions for yacht manufacturer and user. The following are some of the impressions a number of products made on SAIL’s editorial staff. High traffic areas can become glossy, but these can be gently coarse sanded back by hand to the original matt finish. On the downside these materials are susceptible to damage from impact or pets’ claws. Prices for PVC products tend to range from €150 to €1,000 per square metre, varying according to the design and size of each panel. PlasDECK is a patented synthetic teak boat decking option that provides the elegant look of a teak deck without any of the time-consuming and costly maintenance associated with natural wood teak. Like Nuteak, it struck one of our editors as being a bit “hairy,” but I never noticed any hairiness when out sailing the Flexiteek-decked Scandinavian Cruiser 20. However, teak also has drawbacks. Premade parts for boat manufacturers come with a sticky-back surface for immediate installation. Replaced the well worn teak on the cockpit seats and swim platform with TEKDEK about three years ago now. Esthec is a part of composite floor specialist Bolidt, which makes flooring in any shape for industrial applications through to decking for ships. 3489 Sawmill Road Copley, Ohio 44321-0290 Phone: 330.668.2587 Toll Free: 800.320.1841 Fax: 330.666.0844 Email Us Since the advent of fiberglass boat production, sailors have had a love-hate relationship with teak decks. The total cost for boats of similar sizes can therefore vary dramatically depending on the complexity of each of the panel shapes. As a result many of the new yachts seen at boat shows actually have simulated teak decks made of PVC. Rupert Holmes explains what’s wrong with the marine industry’s obsession with hardwood and looks at real world teak alternatives. Read Synthetic Teak reviews and Synthetic Teak ratings ... (Ship from US) Self Adhesive EVA Foam Teak Sheet Marine Boat Yacht Synthetic Decking Foam Floor Mat Flooring Accessories Marine 240cmx90cmx6mm. And while cost is often the primary consideration when planning a deck project, it’s equally important to understand the value of what you’re getting.You’ve probably already noted the difference in cost between composite decking and natural wood; composite materials are more expensive per linear foot. Flexiteek is available in a standard 5mm thickness and 11 colours, with plank widths from 45mm-200mm to replicate everything from planking to covering boards and cappings. Use it on your boat, yacht, caravan, outdoor areas. Photo: Ainhoa Sanchez/VOR. SeaDek is popular with ocean racers. But most retrofits involve using an adhesive to accommodate minor surface irregularities. By contrast, synthetic teak decking can be installed at a fraction of the cost—30 to 50 percent less, depending on the job—and requires almost no maintenance to keep it from splitting or going gray. It has shown up in such diverse applications as inflatable boats, phonograph records, shower curtains, computer cases, pipes, and house siding. We learn through experience and pushing the boundaries. As I was checking out the SC20, something about those decks struck me as being a little off. A vacation under sail can be the most memorable time of your life. So be sure your installer knows his business, particularly when undertaking a large retrofitting job. If any of the synthetics out there are going to fool your friends, it’s this one. In the December 2020 issue of Yachting World, we rate the chances of this year’s Jules Verne Trophy challengers and put the Porsche-designed Elan GT6 to the test News Action…, This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google, 4 eco-friendly improvements to upgrade your yacht, How hybrid sailing yachts finally became a feasible option, Vendée Globe rescue: Le Cam plucks Escoffier from liferaft after ‘shipwreck’ sinking mid-Atlantic, ClubSwan 80: New design promises the ultimate owner-driver racing experience, ‘Broken’ Alex Thomson retires from 2020 Vendée Globe after rudder damage, Solaris 80RS leads a flurry of new yachts set to launch from the Italian yard, Jules Verne Trophy: Head-to-head foiling battle begins for round the world record, 2020 Vendée Globe preview: Pip Hare and Paul Larsen’s guide to the fleet, Spirit 111: This sailing art gallery is one of the most sensational yachts ever built, Video: See inside 9 of the most amazing modern sailing superyachts, Lagoon 46 first look: Updating this catamaran is a significant step for the yard, Excess 15 first look: This vibrant catamaran can sail in the lightest of winds, Dragonfly 40 yacht tour: This cruising trimaran can do 24 knots. It is 6-8mm thick and is available with a strong 3M self-adhesive backing to minimise labour costs when fitting. On the one hand, they provide a good nonskid surface and add a feeling of warmth to a boat’s appearance. They look great at boat shows and at chic Mediterranean quays, as well as providing excellent non-slip properties in the most demanding of conditions. Prices for Marinedeck 2000 start at €320/m2 (ex VAT) including adhesives, while custom panels cost €520/m2 (ex. Australian distributors for synthetic exterior and interior decking solutions. Whether or not there’s already a pattern for that model of boat in the company’s database also impacts pricing. Esthec, meanwhile is formed from natural components, without the harmful ingredients commonly found in PVCs. That said, it also pays to be prepared by doing some reading, building your skills and listening to what the experts say. Synthetic Teak Decking Features Seven Trust Boat Decking is a synthetic teak decking made of composite materials, 100% recyclable, excellent anti-skid performance, the first to see or touch people think it is the real teak floor. Supplied by the Dutch building materials manufacturer Leeuwenburgh Fineer, the deck is not as slippery as it looks, but I wouldn’t trust it in heavy weather going forward on a larger keelboat. Flexiteek always have and will continue to strive for excellence. Read Eva Synthetic Teak Decking reviews and Eva Synthetic Teak Decking ratings – Buy Eva Synthetic Teak Decking with confidence on AliExpress! Water proof,Environmental friendly, low carbon,100% recycled. Anyone who saw the Spirit 50CR at last year’s Southampton Boat Show can attest that a quality yacht with Lignia decks will look stunning. ... Gorilla Deck Decking Reviews - Gorilla Deck Vinyl Decking is manufactured by Homeland Vinyl Products in Birmingham, AL. SYNBOATEK® Synthetic Teak Decking is made of composite materials, its non–slip quality is superb, nobody yet on first viewing or touching think it is anything other than real teak.SYNBOATEK® Synthetic Teak Decking is made of composite materials, its non–slip quality is superb, nobody yet on first viewing or touching think it is anything other than real teak. It is this commitment that keeps Flexiteek at the top of our game. As a result, the only way to be absolutely certain a source of teak is sustainable is to use salvaged material (or to ensure that the teak can be GPS-traced back to stump). Synthetic Teak Decking PVC—PolyVinyl Chloride—is a type of plastic that can be readily modified by manufacturers to match almost any desired set of physical characteristics. Gisatex sits at the lower end of the PVC price bracket. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. and Kevin Escoffier (PRB) to wish them well and congratulate them on their effort. Teakdecking Synthetics engineers and installs custom marine surfaces for commercial vessels, cruise ships and yachts. Welcome to the 21st century Decking. On the downside, there have been reports of bubbling in synthetic teak decks as a result of adhesive gassing or trapped air bubbles. Leeuwenburgh Fineer,, To activate English subtitles in the above video, click the button “CC After this week’s dramatic rescue, French President Emmanuel Macron called Jean Le Cam (Yes We Cam!) Marinedeck 2000 has been installed on a number of megayachts and cruise ships. This event will focus on adaptive sailing and provide practical recommendations for organizations looking to expand their adaptive more, Historic anniversaries have always held a special fascination for me, especially if they mark a significant nautical achievement. See more ideas about Teak, Yacht, Deck. Material costs are a little less than for teak, with typical savings around 5-20%. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for yuanjiasheng EVA Faux Teak Decking Sheet for Boat Yacht Non-Slip and Self-Adhesive Boat Flooring Pad 94.5"× 35.4" Bevel Edges at It is available in several different wood-like colors and grains, but they are all clearly not real wood. Colour shades can also be matched to products of companies such as Flexiteek. Flexiteek 2G cools 30% faster under foot than traditional synthetic decking, allowing you to walk across it barefoot. Stazo Marine Equipment,, The French-built Class 2M sloop is a distinctive boat for a number of reasons (see page 24 of this issue for a complete review), not the least of which is its unique bamboo-veneer deck. Teak alternatives have been available for many years and are gaining wide acceptance. Cork decking: £200-£300 When it arrives, all you need to do is glue the new piece in place. - 3489 Sawmill Rd, Copley, OH 44321 - Rated 5 based on 6 Reviews "Wonderful customer service and the product is unbeatable!" Teak with black caulking, teak with white caulking and grey with black caulking available. © 2020 Cruz Bay Publishing, Inc. an Active Interest Media company. Today’s synthetic teak decks are made of textured PVC plastic, so there’s no way for things like red wine or fish guts to soak in and cause problems. The company, which has been established for 10 years, sells matched repair kits for €10 and says a “very long lifespan is expected.” Light weight is a further advantage, but custom panels are not available. Feb 16, 2020 - Synthetic teak decking alternatives for yacht decks. Real teak decking: £500-£600 Teak-effect solar panels Italian solar panel manufacturer Solbian has a range of panels with a pigmented layer that creates different colour schemes. Misaligning the seams or installing edging incorrectly can result in a shoddy job and years of regret. It can be made in custom panels and in different thicknesses and is manufactured with an effective acrylic-based pressure sensitive adhesive for quick peel-and-stick application. Now, we take that heritage of innovation to the synthetic deck market. Unfortunately, a ban on importing this illegal timber into the EU hasn’t stopped the trade, as evidenced by court cases in countries including Denmark, Sweden, Germany and Holland following the discovery of illegally imported teak. συνθετικού δαπέδου σε όλα τα καταστρώματα σκαφών. PlasDeck is less well known in the UK but has been established for 15 years, offering a range of PVC products in 28 shades that look and feel like wood. We present a leading brand in the industry of synthetic marine floor covering of artificial teak. While I would never put a PVC deck on a wooden boat, it dresses up a composite boat quite nicely. At the same time, though, how many sailors can truly say they are proud of their genuine teak? First published in the April 2020 edition of Yachting World. Synthetic teak Decking. “We made one deck with Esthec and set this right next to a real teak deck,” managing director Dennis Hennevanger remembers, having been immediately taken by the product. It is also much “greener,” in that it doesn’t involve harvesting tropical hardwood. Ultimately, it’s a matter of personal taste. From a sustainability perspective, a big drawback with PVCs is they are plastics and will therefore remain in the environment forever. TEAK decking- PlasDECK® artificial teak, or synthetic teak products and other products. 1. Still, it works well on a boat like the Class 2M, where you spend almost all your time in the cockpit. (besides which it looks so fake) and no foam cork teak because the sun rapidly kills it. Synthetic Teak Decking; Contact; The Best ECO WPC Decking. The 2G version, launched six years ago, is fully recyclable, while microballoons are used in place of chalk filler, which reduces heat absorption (certain PVC deck types and colours have been known to get very hot in direct sun). “I also like the technical side of Esthec,” he adds. Then again, just because synthetic teak isn’t identical to the real thing—and some of the samples that came into the SAIL office were remarkably close—that doesn’t stop it from looking damn good. Gisatex offers a more economic PVC product, at €69 per square metre, but in a thinner textured, non-slip material that makes no attempt to match the grain of teak.